Frank Schaeffer:The Capitol Invasion Was Not About Politics But Religion

A historic day in photos: from a pro-Trump insurrection to a pre-dawn Biden  victory sealed

Source: FrankSchaefferBlog

America’s problem is not political. It is religious fanaticism.

Until America addresses our White evangelical delusion problem we will not have a functioning democracy. Evangelical MAGA churches want theocracy and are now the nexus of Trump’s misinformation, hate and lies. Without them Trump would never have become president.

It took 40 years of evangelical misinformation my family contributed to and 4 years of Trump’s lies to create the invasion of our capitol. Until America admits that the White evangelical movement is an insurrection with a White nationalist terror wing we’re lying to ourselves.

If you’d like to thank some individuals for the attack on our Capital don’t forget that without Franklin Graham’s and Ralph Reed’s support Trump would never have been elected by 69 million deluded White evangelicals.

America’s problem is not political. It is religious fanaticism. Am I the only person that will say the Republican leadership’s refusal to stand up to Trump was NOT only about fearing Trump but was also about GOP leaders’ fear of standing up to 69 million deluded White evangelical voters who have overtaken the GOP with anti-democracy paranoia?

Honest headlines? “Congress Certifies Biden Win after Mob Invades Capitol” should be “Congress Certifies Biden Win after WHITE EVANGELICAL Mob Invades Capitol.” Media, tell the truth: America has a White Evangelical terror/extremist problem.

For 4 years I have been called extreme for warning America that Trump’s evangelical supporters want theocracy and so hate and fear our democracy that they would foment terror. Yesterday thousands of them showed up in DC to prove me right as they attacked our Capitol. After 1/6/2021 the next MAGA hat I see gets vomited on. This was our new 9/11.

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