No Need To Wait – Dystopia Is Almost Upon Us



Microsoft’s CEO has warned the technology industry against creating a dystopian future, the likes of which have been predicted by authors including George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Satya Nadella kicked off the the company’s 2017 Build conference with a keynote that was as unexpected as it was powerful. He told the developers in attendance that they have a huge responsibility, and that the choices they make could have enormous implications.

They won’t listen of course. The collection of big data along with management, selling and distribution and the systems architecture to control it is now worth exactly double global military defence expenditure. In fact, this year, the big data industry overtook the worlds most valuable traded commodity – oil.

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Donald Trump and His Global War on Truth by W.J. Astore



Donald Trump is waging a global war on truth.  He is the anti-truth president.  From Trump steaks to his “university” to his support of the “birther” movement against Barack Obama, he’s perpetually selling lies.  Now he’s selling lies on a global stage.  By making everything potentially a lie, e.g. climate change as a “Chinese hoax,” Trump is doing his best to demolish facts, paving the way to do whatever he pleases.

Trump believes he can have his own facts and tweet them too.  We can blame Trump for being the vain, venal, and vile man that he is, but America elected him (yes, not all Americans, but enough to carry the Electoral College).  He’s a con man, a crafty one, and the media can’t look away, nor can the rest of us.

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We’re Building an Artificial Intelligence Dystopia

We’re building an artificial intelligence-powered dystopia, one click at a time, says techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci. In an eye-opening talk, she details how the same algorithms companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon use to get you to click on ads are also used to organize your access to political and social information. And the machines aren’t even the real threat. What we need to understand is how the powerful might use AI to control us — and what we can do in response.


Daniel Ellsberg Reveals He was a Nuclear War Planner, Warns of Nuclear Winter & Global Starvation

Could tension between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un bring us to the brink of nuclear war? As tensions ramp up, we discuss what nuclear war would look like with a former nuclear war planner and one of the world’s most famous whistleblowers—Daniel Ellsberg. In 1971, Ellsberg was a high-level defense analyst when he leaked a top-secret report on U.S. involvement in Vietnam to The New York Times and other publications, which came to be known as the Pentagon Papers. He played a key role in ending the Vietnam War. Few know Ellsberg was also a Pentagon and White House consultant who drafted plans for nuclear war.

His new book is titled The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner.

America’s War on America by Eric Ortiz


This world is one great battlefield,
With forces all arrayed;
If in my heart I do not yield,
I’ll overcome some day.

Charles A. Tindley, 1901

The vultures have started circling. In a sane world, legislation that adds $1.5 trillion to America’s debt (already over $20 trillion and rising by the second) would not be celebrated as “just what the country needs to get growing again.” Yet here we are.

The new U.S. tax plan is a scam—a corporate coup—that benefits a few rich and powerful Americans who make the most and want to pay the least. They are the owners of our country, the plutocrats and oligarchs that run this nation and tell politicians what to do, such as increase the military budgetfrom $793.7 billion in 2017 to $824.6 billion in 2018. We, the 99 percent, are not in the club. Anyone who wants a fair and just society becomes an enemy of the state.

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American Pimps: The NFL, Donald Trump, and Iceberg Slim by Shawn Hamilton

Robert “Iceberg Slim” Beck’s 1967 autobiography Pimp: The Story of My Life chronicles Beck’s rise, fall, and redemption. Much of the book reads as a kind of coming-of-age story, with Beck trying to ply his trade, making mistakes, and then using the “wisdom” of mentors to correct his course. The reader learns about the world of the pimp, not through Beck, but through his teachers. And one key dilemma Beck lays out for his readers is what might be called the thoroughbred problem.

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Why Are They Hiding Encounters With Alien Craft From Us?

This is the documentary they tried to hide from the public – it will show you who is really in charge of our weapons systems. This is a meticulously researched documentary and a thought-provoking effort to answer the answer two key questions regarding UFOs: are they spacecraft from outside our planet and if so, what is their purpose of being here?

Hastings has spent several decades interviewing retired military personnel who were, while deployed at SAC bases or other nuclear weapons facilities, witnesses to the seemingly effortless ability of aerial vehicles of unknown origin to penetrate the security perimeters of some of the Air Force, Army and Navy’s most closely guarded nuclear air bases, missile fields and weapon storage facilities.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution


Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don’t even know what that is, but it’s happening all around us right now. This system is about technological evolution… evolving us an in my humble opinion, may even destroy us before climate change & environmental destruction do.

Notes on Power, Decline and America, Beyond-America.


What does it mean to be American, if we’re not the best? If we are no longer the most powerful, if we are no longer the most prosperous, if we are no longer ‘good’ on some level – who are we? That kind of dislocation is going to be very difficult for a lot of Americans, especially because it’s happening at the same time as another very important American belief is diminishing – that our lives will always get better.

Live from Istanbul, journalist Suzy Hansen explores life abroad under the influence of America’s post-WW2 foreign policy, and explains what America’s decline, and Donald Trump’s ascent means for a nation historically isolated from the world and effects of its own policies.

Suzy is author of Notes on a Foreign Country: An American Abroad in a Post-American World

Perpetual Prosperity And The ‘Strategy of Tension’ by Graham Vanbergen


Marco Rubio, the American politician, attorney and former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives once said; “Every nation on the Earth that embraces market economics and the free enterprise system is pulling millions of its people out of poverty. The free enterprise system creates prosperity, not denies it.”

Statements such as these are common amongst politicians, especially wealthy ones who hold wealth driven values. But one man’s prosperity is another man’s misery in a world blighted by an economic model that demands eternal growth.

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The Corporate State Will Kill Us by Rivera Sun


Stay asleep, by all means. If you wish to die, sleepwalking over the cliff edge of extinction is one way to go.

Stay afraid, by all means. If you wish to die, cowering in fear until poverty starves or the police state kills you is one way to go.

Stay addicted, by all means. If you wish to die, choking numbed-out and addled by drugs, alcohol, food, and so-called pleasures is one way to go.

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Shadow World

Through the insights of whistleblowers, investigators, prosecutors, military and industry insiders SHADOW WORLD reveals how the international trade in weapons – with the complicity of governments, their militaries and intelligence agencies, defense contractors, arms dealers and agents – fosters corruption, determines economic and foreign policies, undermines democracies and creates widespread suffering. The film unravels a number of the world’s largest and most corrupt arms deals through those involved in perpetrating and investigating them. It illustrates why this trade accounts for almost 40% of all corruption in global trade, and how it operates in a parallel legal universe, in which the national security elite who drive it are seldom prosecuted for their often illegal actions. SHADOW WORLD posits alternatives through the experience of a peace activist and war correspondent, as well as through the voice of Eduardo Galeano who contributed selections from his stories for the film.

Ultimately SHADOW WORLD reveals the real costs of war, the way the arms trade drives it, how weapons of war are turned against citizens of liberal democracies and how the trade inhibits rather than enhances security for us all. In shedding light on how our realities are being constructed, the film offers a way for audiences to see through this horror, in the hopes of creating a better future.

Broken Lives

This thought-provoking film highlights the lives of twelve homeless people living in Florida. Their stories all begin differently. None of them expected to become homeless, but life happened……

Racial Justice Doesn’t Trickle Down

Writer Andrea Flynn explores the persistence of hidden, racialized barriers to economic equality in the US, and explains why a ‘class only’ attempt to address inequality for all Americans fails to confront the legacy of systemic racism – via mass incarceration, spatial segregation and the wealth gap – blocking Black Americans from prosperity and equal access to the economy at large.

Andrea is co-author of the book The Hidden Rules of Race: Barriers to an Inclusive Economy

The Paradise Papers Are Proof That Capitalism and Racism Fuel The Global Plutocracy by Sam Adler Bell

Image result for Paradise Papers

The Paradise Papers, a stash of over 13 million documents from 19 tax-haven nations and two offshore law firms leaked this month to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, present an archive of global avarice.

Today, the richest one percent own half of the world’s wealth. The Paradise Papers show how this global elite uses offshore tax arrangements, often perfectly legal, to circumvent both the obligations of citizenship as well as the consequences of ownership. The demands which apply to the rest of us—the obligation to pay our taxes, to pay our debts and our civil liabilities—do not apply to them. In many ways, the class war has been won, and the spoils of the victors sit safely sheltered in the Cayman Islands.

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Don’t Just Give Thanks: Pay It Forward One Act of Kindness at a Time by John W. Whitehead


As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

— John F. Kennedy


It’s been a hard, heart-wrenching, stomach-churning kind of year filled with violence and ill will.

It’s been a year of hotheads and blowhards and killing sprees and bloodshed and take downs.

It’s been a year in which tyranny took a step forward and freedom got knocked down a few notches.

It’s been a year with an abundance of bad news and a shortage of good news.

It’s been a year of too much hate and too little kindness.

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Forced Anthem Adherence Antithetical to Justice by Linn Washington Jr

Image result for kneel silhouette national anthem protest

This history-making black Major League Baseball player called out race prejudice in all sectors of American society including prejudice practiced by U.S. presidents, lawmakers, law enforcers and others.


This player’s poignant observations about the sinews of the prejudice infecting American society focus antiseptic illumination on toxic stances taken by President Trump on the rights of black pro-football players to protest race-based injustices including police brutality.



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Capital’s Class War in Brazil

Image result for brazil class warfare

Brazil is the second largest economy in the Americas, and at the time of the coup, the 6th or 7th largest economy in the world. What kind of example does it make to the United States, to have another major economy in the Americas that doesn’t follow the neoliberal economic policies of the US? That provides an alternative – that raised its minimum wage by 100% in real terms, where public university is free, with a relatively good health care system by third world standards – this is a thorn in the side of the US, from a hegemony perspective.
Live from São Paulo, Brian Mier examines the Brazilian corporate media’s role in capital’s class war, and new evidence indicating capital’s collusion in the country’s 2016 coup – from the opposition government’s destabilizing of the economy ahead of Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, to US and petroleum industry influence over Brazil’s post-coup privatization scheme.
Brian recently wrote the article The State of the Brazilian Left: Analysis from an American in Brazil for the Council on Hemispheric Affairs.