So Much Tongue-biting: Privilege, Denial and the Conversation About Race


“It’s a bit like living in a house with a tyrant, where everybody adapts their behavior to keep this person happy, but that person never is aware of how their behavior is hurting others. That is what Whiteness as a collective power structure acts like against people of color. It totally does. So much tongue biting. You adapt your behavior excessively, and they never adapt theirs.”

 Journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge examines the social production and preservation of structural racism – from the ways privilege denialism blinds White people to the existence of the inequalities they benefit from, to the burden of prioritizing White feelings and narratives about race, politics and humanity.
Reni is author of Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race from Bloomsbury.


Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Blues: A Conversation with Cornel West

In February 2018, the Cambridge Public Library hosted a conversation between Harvard University professors Tommie Shelby, Brandon M. Terry, Elizabeth Hinton, and Cornel West. The occasion was the publication of two books, To Shape a New World: Essays on the Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr., published by Harvard University Press, and Fifty Years Since MLK, published by Boston Review. 2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of MLK’s death, and the conversation that night revolved around his fraught legacy and what activism today can learn from it. This podcast presents a small selection of Cornel West’s remarks on MLK’s politics, life, and dream.

No Coward Soul Is Hers: Ruminating on the Passing of Two Lights

Nora Schimming-Chase

This week saw the unfortunate passing of two fearless, progressive & adroit leaders for freedom & human rights, namely, Nora Schimming-Chase of Namibia & Marielle Franco of Brazil. Both remarkable women, oceans apart, yet linked by an invisible bond of shared moral & political values. They both saw the corruption & unfairness of their respective societies & endeavored to methodically resist in their own unique way.


Celebrity ‘charity’: A Gift for a Vicious System


When movie star George Clooney married human rights lawyer and fashion icon Amal Alamuddin in Venice back in 2014, the Entertainment Tonight website declared that “it was charity that came out as the real winner” of the multimillion-dollar nuptial festivities.

The reason for the alleged win was that proceeds from certain wedding photos were said to be destined for – you guessed it – “charity”, that favourite celebrity pastime that so often translates into massive PR points and saviour-hero credit, not to mention tax breaks.

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Get Me Out of Wakanda!

This critique is on point (though it didn’t go deep enough) even if tit is visually stunning & a first in many ways from a production standpoint. Don’t allow the razzle & dazzle blow out your critical faculties. Yes, it’s just a movie & you can tell me to chill, but movies are a primary source of spreading dominant ideologies & manipulating the consciousness of the masses.

Stay aware!


Trump’s Brand is Ayn Rand


Robert Reich explains why Ayn Rand’s ideas have destroyed the common good & is destroying America,,,Quite disturbing.

Resist my good people!!


Legalizing Tyranny by Chris Hedges

The students I teach in prison who have the longest sentences are, almost without exception, the ones who demanded a jury trial. If everyone charged with a crime had a jury trial, the court system would implode. Prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges use those who insist on a jury trial—often people who did not commit the crime with which they were charged—as examples. Their sentences, frequently life sentences, are grim reminders as to why it is in the best interests of a defendant, even if he or she did not commit the crime, to take a plea agreement. Ninety-four percent of state-level felony convictions and 97 percent of federal felony convictions are the result of guilty pleas. And studies by groups such as Human Rights Watchconfirm the punitive nature of jury trials: Those who go to jury trials get an addition 11 years, on average, tacked on to their sentences. The rich get high-priced lawyers and lengthy jury trials. The poor are shipped directly to jail or prison.

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The Past Is Always Catching Up On Us: On Time, Trauma & The Climate Storm To Come

“We need to stop things. We need to destroy things. We need to not affirm things like coal-fired power plants, or accelerate automobility. We need to terminate those things! That’s the element of negativity. There’s no way we can get out of the warming condition, or prevent climate breakdown without destroying or terminating things that are dangerous.”

Ecologist Andreas Malm explains how a disconnection from time and nature blinds the Global North to the immediate realities of climate change – as two centuries of carbon returns to threaten a present society frozen by the ideological constraints of capitalism, only a radical transformation of our politics and economy will keep us afloat as the storm rolls in.

Andreas is author of The Progress of This Storm: Nature and Society in a Warming World  from Verso.


Why We Need Rise-Up Economics, Not Trickle-Down

Robert Reich explains why the only real way to build the economy is through rise up economics. Investments in American workers — in their health care, job training, and education — is the key to economic growth, not tax cuts for the rich and corporations.We gotta demand it folks!  These cold-hearted, greedy m*f*ers have an iron grip on the economy & its killing us….


Guns and Liberty by Chris Hedges

Related image


The proliferation of guns in American society is not only profitable for gun manufacturers, it fools the disempowered into fetishizing weapons as a guarantor of political agency. Guns buttress the myth of a rugged individualism that atomizes Americans, disdains organization and obliterates community, compounding powerlessness. Gun ownership in the United States, largely criminalized for poor people of color, is a potent tool of oppression. It does not protect us from tyranny. It is an instrument of tyranny.

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The New Racial Capitalism by Jackie Wang

The essays included in Carceral Capitalism attempt to update the analytic of racial capitalism for a contemporary context. Rather than focusing on the axis of production by analyzing how racism operates via wage differentials, this work attempts to identify and analyze what I consider the two main modalities of contemporary racial capitalism: predatory lending and parasitic governance. These racialized economic practices and modes of governance are linked insofar as they both emerge to temporarily stave off crises generated by finance capital. By titling this book Carceral Capitalism, I hope to draw attention to the ways in which the carceral techniques of the state are shaped by—and work in tandem with—the imperatives of global capitalism.

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How Music Helped James Baldwin Make Sense of Inequality


What can music offer to economists? Ed Pavlić, Distinguished Research Professor of English and African American Studies at the University of Georgia, explains how music offered a powerful lyrical companion to the social scientific tools used by the great midcentury critic of American society, James Baldwin.

Referring to his book, Who Can Afford to Improvise? James Baldwin and Black Music, the Lyric and the Listener, Pavlić discusses Baldwin’s immersion in the performative tradition in African American music, which could communicate harsh social and economic realities into a relatable and transportable form. Baldwin was not the only prominent black thinker who engaged with music: Frederick Douglass studied slave work songs that, in Pavlić’s words, captured “tactical survival, tactical rebellion.”

Extremely important topic especially for those of us who follow “conscious” Hip Hop & Roots Reggae music.

Listen & learn….


American Holocaust


The powerful and hard-hitting documentary, American Holocaust, is quite possibly the only film that reveals the link between the Nazi holocaust, which claimed at least 6 million Jews, and the American Holocaust which claimed, according to very conservative estimates, 19 million Indigenous People.

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Unchained Memories : Readings from the Slave Narratives

This documentary film highlights selected stories of former slaves interviewed during the 1930s as part of the Federal Writers’ Project and preserved in the WPA Slave Narrative Collection. It is narrated by actors, emulating the original conversation with the interviewer. The slave narratives may be the most accurate in terms of the everyday activities of the enslaved, serving as personal memoirs of more than two thousand former slaves. The documentary depicts the emotions of the slaves and what they endured under brutal conditions & brutal, demon-possessed Masters.

I had to pause several times viewing this.It is heart-wrenching & what’s even more tragic, the times have changed but the twisted souls of men have not…….