Poet’s Nook: “untitled” by anonymous

San Diego high school sports community reacts to George Floyd ...

(Official video: I Just Wanna Live)

Could you hear me?

As I was being intruded
On being perceived as an intruder
My place of rest turning into my rest in peace
As my soul silently slipped into the night
No peep (?) will be there to protect my innocence
I was proven through college proclaimed praises to
Pull people up but was put down by a false perception

Do you see me?

Or because of the color of my skin you see a criminal
Deserving quick executions but slow explanations
From a system designed to keep me killed
I sit behind the wheel just as intimidated by the world
As the world is intimidated by me
I calmly begin speaking sensing tensions
Peaking seven shots
I’m bleeding while screaming

I wasn’t reaching….”

Do you know me?

Or do I become prey when I step into your territory?

I wasn’t a baseball player so I didn’t know that on my home run
I’d be going …going ….. gone

That’s wrong

Because this life matters

But your silence on this matter is deafening
I was playing games when real shots rang
Real blood stains real pain but it’s all the same

And I’m tired

I’m tired of being overwhelmed
I’m tired of being angry
I’m tired of shouting for justice
but seeing jus-ishhh
I’m tired of trying to catch my breath
All hate is kneeling on my neck

I just want to live

Let me be

Let me


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