The Raw Reality of Today’s Society by Sherrie Hurd


Source: Learning Mind

If you don’t pay close attention, you will miss the truth of our society today. Things aren’t what they seem.

I talk quite a bit about the eighties mainly because it seemed like a simpler time. However, older people may feel the same about the earlier decades as well. I guess it’s just the way you look at it, the generation that raised you. One thing is safe to say is that this day and age is certainly much different.

Our modern times reveal dark revelations about us as human beings. No matter how rosy we paint everything, there’s something brown and ugly underneath. The worst part is that most people don’t even notice the truth of our reality. Argentina-based illustrator Al Margen shows us these eye-opening truths below.

1. We’re fake people

That’s right, I said it. Most of us are fake people. We never wanted to be, we just ended up hiding so many emotions that we started wearing a mask. We do this so easily now that we’ve taught ourselves to believe these lies are truth. It’s quite the opposite actually. We are so fake that we don’t even remember our true identity. This is one reality.

fake people

When this mentality enters the intimate relationship, it becomes worse than divorce. After happiness and any hope of connection disappear, masks go on and couples start to pretend. This happens more than you can imagine.


2. Most of us have closed minds

Eye-Opening Illustrations open mind

As soon as society realizes that you have ideas from outside the box, they work to silence that creativity. They even go as far as to call you crazy when you express those different views. Although they don’t always literally put you away in an institution, it feels like you aren’t part of the society you used to love. If they ever succeed in silencing your creativity, you become like a zombie, just like the rest.

3. The lure of television has us trapped


Television has been around for quite some time, long before some of the other technology which beguiles us. From the beginning, movies, shows, and even commercials have lured us in and held us there for hours at a time.

Other things like reading, painting, and outdoor activity took a backseat to this constant form of entertainment. The screen has us trapped, and most of us are affected.


4. High expectations for children

Eye-Opening Illustrations child

It’s wonderful when children partake in extracurricular activities like sports, but it’s not so good to place expectations on them that they cannot perform. Having high expectations can be intimidating and stressful for children. Our society, unfortunately, sees these expectations as normal, and they push their children too far sometimes.

5. We are a slave to money


It’s true, we do need money to pay bills and buy food. It’s not true that we must worship money as if it’s a god which gives us superpowers. But this is how we act about money in so many ways.

On the other hand, we also become slaves to money. We have even forgotten how to grow food, sew clothing, and build things on our own. We much rather just buy everything while our human skills are fading away.

6. People act like clones


For the most part, we are clones. The good news is, there are a few who choose to walk in a different direction, make a controversial decision, and grow in a variety of ways.

These are the brave people, and the people who usually seem content with the lives they lived. Unfortunately, different people are rare in the ocean of copies.

7. Corporate entities are consuming family-owned businesses

corporation power

Family-owned businesses are struggling more than ever, and some are disappearing altogether. Corporate entities like retail stores and franchise food establishments are killing the small business.

It’s happening fast and destroying the morals of the older generation. It’s also discouraging those of us who try to make money on our own as well.

8. We cannot tear away from technology


Just like television has trapped us, technology itself holds us tighter than ever with its many innovative options. We have computers, cell phones, iPads and more. These are electronic devices that might as well kidnap us and hold us, hostage, forever. It’s terrifying when you finally realize just how much technology has taken over.

9. Our bodies are time bombs

Eye-Opening Illustrations bomb

We know that smoking is bad, and we understand that drinking takes lives every day. There are other things that destroy our bodies as well, such as unhealthy eating, too much caffeine, and energy drinks and supplements. This is why if we don’t live our best lives, we are literally ticking time bombs.

10. We may attend schools, but are we learning?


Schools are packed with children learning things, but are they really learning as much as they can? Some people believe that students attend school only to cross it off their list and graduate. Some students do not appreciate their education. That’s one way to look at learning in modern times.

Another way to look at the modern intellect is that schools aren’t teaching, they are taking outside learning away and replacing it with a curriculum that might not even be used. We need real-life skills, not just the basics. Society, however, is more concerned with just getting their children through school than actually fueling their ideas.

Is society hopeless?

These images may make you feel hopeless and discouraged, but it’s actually up to you to change these things. You should be the one that stands out, you should be the one to better yourself, and you should be the one to change our society.  We bring forth darkness so the light can make some changes.

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