One Man’s Simple Song to his God


I’m not religious although I do see beauty in the major religions of today; however, I am deeply spiritual. I’ve always felt that one should pray with one’s thoughts & actions – being good to people, respecting their value – & simply say “Thank you” to our magnificent Creator at the beginning & close of each day. That’s all that’s needed I believe in this life. Going to church or mosque is also beautiful & can enhance one’s faith & devotion, but there are other ways to honor the God within.

This song captures for me the sweet simplicity of knowing that God is real & active within us no matter if we sometimes lose sight of this. The singer’s deeply felt words express the joyful truth of a loving Presence:

The only truth I’ve ever known
Is You, the only Light I see
When all is dark and there’s no peace
I know that I have You
I am because of You
When I have tried and failed to understand
All that’s in Your plan
When I fall short and lose my way
You never place the blame
You love me just the same


Let love manifest.


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