Danger: Truth at Work



The courage we need is not the courage, the fortitude, to be obedient in the service of an unjust war, to help conceal lies, to do our job by a boss who has usurped power in his acting as an outlaw government. It is the courage, at last, to face honestly the truth and the reality of what we are doing in the world, and act responsibly to change it.
Daniel Ellsberg

After looking at this very important documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in America, it was not hard to see the parallels between the Vietnam war and the war in Iraq. The same bullshit that was fed to the public then is the same bullshit that continues to feed the public now. The explosive truth of Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers which led to the downfall of President Nixon and hastened the end of the Vietnam War, seems eerily similar to Julian Assange/Bradley Manning’s release of sensitive diplomatic cables which has embarassed the US internationally. What has changed since the Pentagon Papers is the tragic corporatization of the media & the subsequent abandonment  of  journalistic quality and ethics. The enduring value of Ellsberg’s relentless truth-telling is one that has been lost to us for a while: Questioning the  pronouncements of our leaders.

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