Poet’s Nook: “Look How They Treat Us” by Saul Williams

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…whispers the innocent sister.Her life barely missed her.

Then Patience approached and he kissed her.

Love’s like a transistor. Feelings have features. Innocent creatures distort what love teaches.

Trade scriptures for preachers, communion for leeches.

Earth’s mountainous speakers bombard and boom beat us. On guard to defeat us.

You hate us. You need us. You are us. You reek us.

The Martyrs and Seekers, sow questions and reap us. More grime than grim reapers.

Designer diseases resolved to repeat us. You kill us. You eat us. You grow corn to feed us.

You crowd us. You beat us. You crave us. You need us. You slaughter and bleed us.

You tax us, harass us, pray, and then eat us. You slay us and feed us, from POTUS to penis,

..the aborted fetus, the corpses, the meat, us. Make sausage of Jesus. The law says to bleed

..us. We embody greed, lust.

The wrong shepherds lead us.

Look how they treat us..

(To get a fuller sense of what Saul is saying in this provocative piece, read this article.)


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