Our Human Story

This is a very good presentation of our origins. Having read quite a number of books/articles on this subject from the likes of Richard Leakey, John Henrik Clarke, Margaret Mead, Stephen Jay Gould, Cheikh Antta Diop, Yosef Ben-Jochannan & Ivan Van Sertima, it’s quite a thrill to see this information hitting the mainstream in video form. National Geographic magazine had a cover story on the first humans a few years ago & the BBC network presented a fascinating look at human origins/evolution in The Incredible Journey which is featured below, & the evidence is fast becoming incontrovertible: Modern humans emanated from Africa, migrated & mutated to form the various peoples we see today. Fundamentally, we owe a tremendous debt to the cunning & intelligence of the first humans who managed to side-step a host of mortal dangers which has allowed us to be here today. As the legendary Peter Tosh once sang, “No matter where you come from…No mind your complexion…No mind denomination….You’re an African“. OneLove

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