Obscure (& Not So Obscure) Rhythms

I am sure most folks have wondered from time to time why the best songs on any given CD are not the ones promoted or made into singles. I can recall classic Barry White, Bee Gees, Commodores & Prince albums that had a number of obscure “fillers” that sounded better to me than the promoted pieces. Sometimes the intended hits are overshadowed by B-side tracks–Prince’s “Erotic City” (B-side)sounded better than “Let’s Go Crazy”, Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” (B-side) was better than the crappy “Substitute” & Bill Withers “Aint No Sunshine” (B-side) was better than the A-side “Harlem”. For the most part, these “fillers” remain on the album/CD and not released at all like many of the songs on the following playlist. You have to dig deep sometimes to find quality…..

Find more music like this on Soul Commune

MME’s SoulCommune Playlist

Peace & Guidance


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