"We are simply, dramatically stupid": An Interview with Manfred Max-Neef

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Chilean economist Manfred Max-Nee gave a fascinating interview with Amy Goodman yesterday which should be closely listened to. Two observations he made really struck me:

We have reached a point in our evolution in which we know a lot. We know a hell of a lot. But we understand very little. Never in human history has there been such an accumulation of knowledge like in the last 100 years. Look how we are. What was that knowledge for? What did we do with it? And the point is that knowledge alone is not enough, that we lack understanding.”

“We are simply, dramatically stupid. We act systematically against the evidences we have. We know everything that should not be done. There’s nobody that doesn’t know that. Particularly the big politicians know exactly what should not be done. Yet they do it.”
Check it out:


The wise understand by themselves; fools follow the reports of others”-Tibetan Proverb

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