We Are Together: The Children Of Agape

Agape (pronounced “AH-gah-pay”) is from the Greek for “brotherly love.” Agapic love is charitable, selfless, patient, undemanding and chaste. Those who have it do not expect it to be returned. Agape is best illustrated by those who anonymously help others.

After watching “We Are Together: The Children Of Agape“, I was amazed at the resilience, creativity and courage of the human spirit in the face of the most tragic of circumstances–HIV/AIDS. Those of us in the West who take so many things for granted are but spiritual orphans when compared to this group of children from the Agape orphanage in South Africa. Their beauty is haunting & redemptive, strangely transporting, but also potentially discomfiting. I will not review the film here, but I will encourage everyone to look at it and fully appreciate & absorb the meaning of agape which the great Martin Luther King describes as, “… an overflowing love which is purely spontaneous, unmotivated, groundless, and creative. It is not set in motion by any quality or function of its object. It is the love of God operating in the human heart.”. We all fall short of this ideal, but we have to try for without this type of love and understanding, our lives are somewhat diminished, I think.

Here is a preview of this illuminating HBO Special(check listing for time):

I encourage all to buy the soundtrack as all profits fro this CD will be donated to help improve the lives of children affected by AIDS in South Africa. I put together a sample of each song on the following playlist:




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