Letter To An Atheist

The position of atheists has always perplexed me. Whether they base their beliefs on empiricism, humanism, naturalism, scientific skepticism or some other mode befitting their idea of “free thinkers”, they seem so sure of the non-existence of God. Sometimes it seems more than a non-belief — more of a hatred of anything related to the concept or belief in a Creator. I wonder — can Love be explained or rationalized? Can intuition? Mystical experiences? If not, then how can God be explained? And if one does try to put God in a neat, air-tight analytical framework, how does one explain the need for believing in God that goes back to the dawn of humanity? Whether mono- or polytheistic, most human cultures have held on to some notion of (a) supreme entity/entities. Other than music and poetry, my belief in God is confirmed everyday by observation and awe at the wonder of creation–the formation of a rain cloud & the way light filters through it, a hummingbird looking for food, ants lined up in order with some purpose in mind, twilight, a new born baby….it’s endless.

“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in all of your philosophy”- Shakespeare writing as “Hamlet”)

Words can be trite when trying to explain the ineffable. The handiwork of God is writ large in the pictures below. Rationalize away, oh lonely atheist!



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