Black Americans Resettling in Ghana

Black & Abroad Introduces the "Go Back To Africa" Project — Black & Abroad

White America has declared over & over again via its mores, values & norms that in spite of becoming a hegemon on the backs of the African slaves, it no longer wants the descendants of these African slaves on this stolen & cursed land. Garvey declared early “let’s get the fuck out!” but most wanted to stay put in their anguish & misery as that was all they ever knew in their anti-Black environment. To this day, most will choose to remain chained to their dehumanization trying to “fake it til they make it” to achieve a pipe dream called the American Dream.

Few choose to embark on that journey of return to ancestral lands & reclaim their name…their dignity..their truth. As White America spirals downwards under the weight of its countless crimes against humanity, against Nature, against Life itself, I see this movement of return picking up steam in the years ahead – it may be the only option left as the long shadow of Death spreads across the land mercilessly…..

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