Almost Famous: The Story of Ed Dwight Jr.

Apollo 11 anniversary: Ed Dwight Jr. was the first black man to be ...

How many stories have we heard about non-white/non-female genius & talent being snuffed out because of  misguided notions of white male intellectual superiority?

This is the story of Ed Dwight Jr., who was invited by his country to train to be the first African-American astronaut. Back in 1963, it was hot news. But the United States never sent Dwight to space. For decades, he has maintained that he was discriminated against during his time at the Aerospace Research Pilot School, a prerequisite to NASA run by the legendary pilot Chuck Yeager.

Dwight is now a prolific artist, building memorials and creating public art honoring African-American history. His footprints cannot be found on the moon. But his fingerprints can be found on sculptures across the country.

Many stories similar to Ed Dwight Jr have yet to be told. Stay tuned….

One thought on “Almost Famous: The Story of Ed Dwight Jr.

  1. Some relevant reality checks:

    Edward J. Dwight [March 2, 2020] == “I never accused Chuck Yeager of causing my failure to fly in space. It was the political environment of the day that transcended anything that Chuck Yeager had an impact on.” Smithsonian

    “Black in Space” documentary, Feb 23, 2020, curator Cathleen Lewis: “We don’t know if Chuck Yeager derailed Dwight’s career. And historians searched for evidence, and haven’t found it.”


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