The Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore (Los Angeles) - 2020 All You Need to Know ...

Ever since I was a high school kid, I have been fascinated by the book. The touch of a solid book of fiction & non-fiction had a power over me, especially if it was new. Before digging into any particular book, I would smell its fresh papers, turn the book over a couple of times, admire the design , observe how it would look on my bookshelf, think of how I would prioritize it amongst other books so that when people looked at my shelf, certain books I favored would stand out more than others. Yes, I was truly a fan & up to this day, the fascination remains with bookshelves of books in my basement & in my room with a special stack by my bedside. Even with the advent of ebooks, I remain loyal to the book that I can touch, feel, smell & listen to when I turn its fresh pages.

At one point in my life, I wanted to open a small bookstore. I did my research by speaking with small bookstore owners & reading up on how I could get one started. My problem back then was getting the capital & fighting the naysayers who felt that it was a waste of time given that “people don’t read anymore”. I allowed myself to get defeated & my dream died.

After seeing this inspiring story of a small bookstore owner, old memories resurfaced Though I no longer dream of becoming a small bookstore owner, I am hopeful that books/bookstores will make a comeback. Yes, ebooks may provide many with the ease of reading anywhere without a cumbersome book to carry, but it doesn’t give the reader the unique sensations of reading an actual book or being in a bookstore with other curious readers in search of a book to devour. Bookstores provide more than just books to scan through or purchase – it provides social connections & the powerful feel of a shared humanity always in search of something to be inspired by.

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