Is Mass Tourism Ruining Vacations As We Know Them?

Image result for tourism pollution

(Source: Al Jazeera English )


Many people look forward to it all year, as a chance to get away from the stress of everyday life and let loose in a new place. But what if that new place is over capacity?

That’s the problem facing many hotspots around the world lately, from Bali to Barcelona to Mt. Everest to Machu Pichu. These destinations are grappling with overtourism – when the presence of too many people in one area diminishes quality of life for both locals and visitors.

Mass tourism is set to be the new normal, due to more affordable airfare and the rise of the global middle class. Residents in popular hotspots have been protesting overtourism over the past few years.

Governments are responding by imposing tourism taxes, limiting access to popular destinations through ticketing systems and even closing sites to give them a chance to recover. Should limits be set on global tourism?

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