Poisoning The World From the U.S.A – The Devil we Know

Image result for teflon poison

After watching this disturbing film, toss your Teflon pots & pans into the trash! I’ve always suspected that Big Business (for the most part) suppresses information detrimental to their bottom line (examine what tobacco companies did for decades to suppress & deny evidence of their carcinogenic products).

Some of the common items this poison is part of : dental floss, microwave popcorn bags , irons, hair straighteners, curling wands , baking gear, carpets and sofas, waterproof mascara, ironing board covers, some light bulbs, toasted sandwich makers, waffle makers, rice cookers and many plug in slow cookers and woks, waterproof clothes, namely raincoats, outdoor deck waterproofing sealants….jeeeeezzzzz…….

We are all sitting ducks in corporate America’s penetrating eye of avarice & deceit. The damage done is incalculable.

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