Remembering Malcolm X’s Message to the Grassroots

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This speech is as relevant today as it was when Malcolm X delivered it on November 10, 1963, at the Northern Negro Grass Roots Leadership Conference. 55 years since Malcolm gave this speech, America is now headed by an unabashed white nationalist & settler revanchist. It’s not looking good, yet sadly, Malcolm’s description that the national black leadership class “control you,contain you, kept you on the plantation” remains as fresh today as it did then. Black America is still stuck in a dire situation with racist attacks & police violence occurring on almost a daily basis. The critical question to me is,  how do we go beyond the cultural fetishization of Malcolm and reclaim his politics of organization, militancy, and black revolution? How can we ensure that control over our communities does not simply devolve into individual persons of color taking up positions of power? The Black Lives Movement is an excellent jump-off point in that direction. Let’s heighten our awareness & keep the battle for our humanity –all humanity for that matter as injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere — blazing forward.

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