..sometimes I wonder…



I have always been a keen observer of events, of people, of Nature & of my very own soul ever since I was a kid. My first “philosophical thought”, if you will, was how people react to silly acts. I think I was about five when I decided to empty out my clothes drawer, open my bedroom window & throw them out from the second floor  just to see how people reacted to the spectacle. Around the same time, I wondered about Johnny Taylor’s, “Who’s Making Love” which was blasting over the airwaves in the summer of ’68. Why, I wondered, would one make love to someone else who belongs to another?

These types of precocious thoughts kept me constantly daydreaming to the point where my name often had to be called three or four times before I heard anyone talking! This aspect never really left me. This hungry curiosity still lights up my hemispheres with awe, wonder & a flood of questions, most of which remain unanswered & this is one of the reasons I created this blog over 12 years ago. It was & still remains a platform for airing what’s on my mind through the work & scholarship of engaged individuals, some known, most unknown, in the realms of politics/economics, philosophy, religion, music & poetry. When the mood hits me & I have the time, I pen my own essays, but mostly I post things that move me in a particular way.

Delving deeper & deeper into the nature of things, the beauty of things, the ugliness of things, keeps me going. What I’ve discovered after all these years of probing is that I am colossally ignorant of a great many things. Aristotle said it perfectly when he observed, “the more you know the more you know you don’t know.”

Sometimes I wonder, what is the point of it all?

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