The Secret Space Program

This conference is about a secret space program / breakaway civilization with Richard Dolan as the speaker. In this presentation, he  provides incredible evidence of the existence of UFOs and why it is being covered up deliberately in an attempt to block the worldwide release of exotic energy technology. This technology would end our reliance on fossil fuels and would enable many other great possibilities.

Having seen an actual UFO float silently right in front of my parents home many moos ago, then switching off its lights & backing away silently after I shouted “Hey! What are you doing?”, I know that something extraordinary is in our midst. Why this alien craft chose to hover in front of my folks Caribbean home for 2 minutes then back away & vanish at a speed that was mind-boggling with no sound being produced, remains a mystery. Not only did I see it, my mother and sister saw it too. We were too stunned to think of taking a picture of it, but if we did, I think it would have been the best picture of an alien craft the world had ever seen, hands down! Subsequent to that sighting, I periodically saw metallic saucer-shaped crafts skimming the surface of the sea from my folks porch. At first I thought it was some type of big flying fish or boat, but when I peered through my binoculars, I was shocked to see this UFO. Why the interest in this area, I wondered. Over the years, I read of a related phenomena: USOs (Unidentified Submergible Objects). The Caribbean is reportedly a hot spot for such phenomena ( read this).

As with everything, it is wise to keep a healthy skepticism especially with things outside of “normal” experience. Until one has a first-hand experience of UFOs, it is understandable to dismiss it all as some nutty shit dished by folks with wild imaginations & too much time on their hands. C’est la vie.


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