Decadence: Decline Of The Western World

For 400 years, the Judeo-Christian West has been the pre-eminent civilization – built on exploitation, war and sheer greed & deception.  History charts the rise and fall of civilizations. All the great ones have fallen to the wayside, reduced to dust.  So, where is the West on the timeline? We force our merchandised democracy onto the unwilling. We’re so cynical we sue each other for profit. We’re all working so much longer and harder to earn more to pay for more. We dream of escaping our treadmill material lifestyles but oftentimes find ourselves running in the same place or falling behind.  We now have no heroes -like Ghandi or Martin Luther King – except “celebrities” of dubious note, little interest in history and either no god or we invoke one that inflames fear and hatred.

This documentary, Decadence,  will expose a cultural fraud that masquerades as this modern life and includes interviews with leading thinkers of our time which include one of my favorites Noam Chomsky, Lord Robert Winston, John Spong, John Ralston Saul (another favorite) and Lord John Julius Norwich. Using the four seasons as visual metaphors of western ‘eras’, Decadence will look at contemporary western society through five windows – democracy, money, education, family and god. The West is now at a crossroad. The choice? Another dark age or a new renaissance? I hope for the latter but my gut tells me we’re already gasping in the former…..



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