MME’s Jam Of The Day

What a smooth, jazzy joint by Melody Gardot! Kinda sounds like a young Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone & Astrud Gilberto all rolled up into one. The lyrics to this song, “If The Stars Were Mine”, remind me of a Pablo Neruda poem–simple yet sensuous…

If the world was mine
I’d paint it gold and green
I’d make the oceans orange
For a brilliant color scheme

I would color all the mountains
Make the sky forever blue
So the world would be a painting
And I’d live inside with you

If the world was mine
I’d tell you what I’d do
I’d wrap the world in ribbons
And then give it all to you

I’d teach the birds such lovely words
And make ’em sing for you
I’d put those stars right in a jar and
Give them all to you

The back story of her sound is just as intriguing as her voice – check out her story here.  Another favorite of mine is her beautiful Latin-Jazz interpretation of “Over the Rainbow”:



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