The Rich vs The Majority

It never fails to amaze me why the vast majority of Americans are so eerily quiet when they are brazenly getting pick-pocketed & shoved to the side by plutocrats & their paid servants in Congress. This short clip gives a quick overview of what has happened, but I encourage you to do your own research into this sad tale. Robert Reich also did another quick outline of the military-industrial-congressional complex which provides some detail of where our money is going.

Neil Postman once said that we are amusing ourselves to death. By this he meant that we are being distracted/manipulated against our own interests. It’s systematic & it has worked remarkably well in the United States, but people don’t remain ignorant forever. Folks like Robert Reich, Julianne Malveux, Joseph Stiglitz, Sheldon Wolin & Paul Krugman (to name a few) are doing a tremendous job of presenting their well-researched work for our critical reflection & hopefully, meaningful action/resistance.



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