MME’s Jam of the Day

Al Green 

Al Green is The Man! Most folks aren’t aware of the fact that this legendary soul man wrote most of the classics we’ve grown to love–“Love & Happiness”, “Let’s Stay Together”, “Simply Beautiful”, “I’m Still In Love With You”, amongst many others–and this is why his music still sounds so damn relevant–he lived it. This particular cut, “Look What You Done For Me”, is a mature, light-hearted  jam that reveals a deep truth about love: To really love somebody, you have to set ’em free. Like Kahlil Gibran states, “Love possesses not nor would it be possessed..”, Al offers a similar aphorism:”Now that you’re here with me, I want to keep you free, to do the things that you want to do…”. How refreshing to hear these poignant lines when every other song on the charts today is some unpoetic & tiresome hype aimed at possessing (& obsessing over) another. Al Green shows us where it’s at!



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