Examined Life: Slavoj Zizek

A few weeks ago while doing a little research on something I’m working on, I ran across a very interesting philosopher/cultural critic named Slavoj Zizek. I’ve listened to and read my fair share of academic/social philosophers throughout the years, but I have never found any of them humorous (except for Cornel West on occasion). Zizek is not only damn funny in both the content and manner of his presentation, but he has a fascinating erudition as well. He makes quite lucid observations on a broad range of topics from film to the war in Iraq, but through it all, he retains an iconoclastic and acerbic wit that zones in our our most cherished beliefs. From what I have read of him so far, his mission seems to be somewhat Buddhist in nature in that he wants us all to constantly engage the “real” (in Engaged Buddhism, being idolatrous about or bound to any doctrine, theory, or ideology is dangerous and close-minded. Zizek attempts to break these mind-shackles, I think, by asserting that there is no such thing as absolute truths. In fact, in his mindscape, the world only makes sense if you turn it upside down and inside out!).

There are two books I will have to add to my already huge “must-read” list which are “The Fragile Absolute” & “The Puppet and the Dwarf“. I think exploring the mind of this engaging philosopher is time well spent. Here are a few clips of Zizek:

Zizek on Love:-

(This is deep. If one reads between the lines, he seems to suggest that our notions of “love” are deeply flawed and tragic. Love as a violent act, in his terms, may suggest a form of spontaneous non-attachment which is an alien notion in a culture saturated with fantasies and illusions of love…)

Zizek on Freudian Sexuality:-

…and one more interesting piece: Zizek on President Obama



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