Where Are You America?

America, was the grass greener in Columbia?
Or did you like the smell
of sand and oil in Iran?
Maybe Lebanon had better skies
or Haiti better coasts.
Cuba had better fields
and Laos had a better moon.
Where are you America?
Did Thailand cast the first stone?
Did Vietnam pay for the human cost?
Was the Congo worth your time?
Or was the Dominican Republic a better prospect?
Was Indonesia a vacation?
Cambodia was harboring ideas,
Chile was harboring civilians,
and Angola was harboring democracy.
Where are you America?
Did you train your enemies in Afghanistan?
Did Libya dare look you in the eye?
Were you trying to leech a living in Nicaragua?
Did El Salvador gun down allies?
The sky in Lebanon was better the second tour.
Grenada was a side project.
Chad was in the way.
Bolivia’s produce tastes better stolen,
and Panama made a good port.
Where are you America?
Are you in the oil fields of Iraq?Did you spin the globe
And end up in Somalia?
Did Yugoslavia send out a war call?
Or was it Macedonia?
Iraq has a tendency of wanting freedom
while Bosnia stirs up troublw.
Iraq has a tendency of losing freedoms
while Sudan keeps us troubled.
Yugoslavia and Afghanistan
must have something you want.
Who knows why you’re in Yemen,
And the Philippines must have been another vacation.
Where are you America?
Columbia wants to breathe
But you asphyxiate her .
Iraq wants to live
But you wound her.
Liberia has a voice too
But you silence her.
Haiti had faith in democracy
But you crushed her.
America where are you?
Are you amongst the coal and oil?
Was the war machine unleashed to roam free?
Are you that empire we all feared?
You’re everywhere but here.
You can try
But you won’t silence me.
You can try
But you won’t conquer me.

-Sergio Jimenez

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