..what is reality?

Clasik- What Is Reality?

Real Is

– what nothing that comes in a bottle can ever give you.

– what the poet feels when he taps into his veins and spills his blood on the page out with a truth so absolute that it would shatter if one letter were out of place.

– what you feel when you read a poet’s words and tremble as if some long-silent part of yourself had written them.

– what separates the song you first heard ten years ago that can still stir up the marrow of your being, from the song you just heard on MTV that you won’t even remember ten days from now.

-when you can find it in yourself to let it go, even though you know you’re right.

– when a cool breeze and the presence of a gently laughing tree are enough to make you feel at home in the universe.

-when you find something that you didn’t know you needed until the moment you see it — and when, years and decades hence, you can’t imagine it never having been a part of your life.

-when you never needed to ask the question, and s/he never needed to give you the answer.

– every choice you ever make that you will never regret tomorrow, no matter how much it takes out of you today.

-what you both have that keeps you with each other without needing to be in the same room.

– whatever name you give to the greater power that you’ve always been a part of.

– when it hurts like hell, but you wouldn’t dare give back a moment of it.

– when you can smile as you burn yourself away to a pile of ashes, not just because you’ll rise out of them again and not just because you know how it will feel, but because you’ll know exactly how much it means.

– when you don’t want to do it but you do it anyway.

– when you are near the one you love and you feel like you just got home.

-everything you can’t find words for — because you never need to.

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