Critical Cleansing

Charles Johnson’s poignant & immensely relevant essay in this month’s American Scholar entitled, “The End Of The Black American Narrative” is a must-read for anyone interested in dissecting (and reconstructing/reimagining) the complex socio-cultural and political realities of contemporary African-American life. Although he is but one voice & despite my own critique of the piece, he does raise some very important questions and offers well thought out recommendations. That his initial inquiry was rooted in the work of another great American scholar, W.E.B Dubois, is of critical importance. He also expands upon another observation made by German scholar, Edmund Husserl, who revealed a hundred years ago that, “we almost always perceive and understand the new in terms of the old—or, more precisely, we experience events through our ideas, and frequently those are ideas that bring us comfort, ideas received from our parents, teachers, the schools we attend, and the enveloping culture, rather than original ones of our own“.Indeed.

Check the piece out and draw your own conclusions…



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