Deep River

…sophistication of melodic design intertwined with word, rhythm, harmony, meaning, idea, tension and release….what an ecstatic, haunting reinterpretation of the great Joni Mitchell! Many moons ago, I bought a book of her poems, “The Complete Poems and Lyrics“, looking for another lens to peer through. Her genius is clearly evident in her musings. In the late 90s, Janet Jackson sampled one of her songs, “Big Yellow Taxi” in her smash hit, “Got ‘Til It’s Gone“, which exposed a new generation of young people to the work of this rare musical/poetic genius. Herbie Hancock has also injected renewed interests in Joni Mitchell’s music with this Grammy award winning masterpiece. My favorite, “Edith & The Kingpin”, is a mind-blowing, time-shattering seduction .Enjoy!

Herbie Hancock: River-The Joni Letters

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