Lizz Wright Drops A Diamond

When I first heard the music of Lizz Wright, one word that kept popping up in my head was, “beatific”. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something “other-worldly” about this woman’s voice. It’s easy to compare her soulful & folksy style to Tracy Chapman, Cassandra Wilson or Tuck & Patty, but Lizz Wright has this power of whispering a song, if that makes any sense. You feel as if she’s singing especially to you in the most sincere way.

I’ve listened quite closely to all of her CDs– Salt & Dreaming Wide Awake–but her latest, “The Orchard“, is by far the most intimate, sparingly melodic and adventurous. It’s as if she got tired of pretending to live up to what was expected and just let everything hang loose and easy. And our ears and hearts are so much more rewarded by this free-spirited musical wanderer. Below are five of my favorites from “The Orchard” (added a few more from her other CDs):

To get the background to the making of this CD, Check here
(Check here for samples of the whole CD)



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