The Joy Is The Living: The Garifuna Women’s Project

When I heard the music of “The Garifuna Women’s Project“, I was blown. (Full stream here)

There’s something about music that comes from the depths of one’s soul, and it does not matter if it is sung in a language unfamiliar or if it’s a symphonic piece: The language of the soul is universal and everyone can pick up on it. Listening to this CD, which can be sampled here, is a mesmerizing journey into the world of the Garifuna culture which the United Nations has labeled as endangered . The panorama of the preoccupations of the Garifuna women is deeply felt–from the agony of childbirth to the the brutal murder of a son in a far-off village.

The following clip is very instructive on the importance of language and culture expressed so charmingly by a Garifuna matriarch named Marcela (who reminds me of my late grand-mother):

My utmost respect to the late Andy Palacio (he died a few months ago) who brought the Garifuna culture/music from the precipice of extinction. His MySpace website is still up and features a few selections that are on the Garifuna Women’s Project. Check the following playlist for more Andy Palacio music:>



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