Proverbs From The Motherland by MixMasterE

The languages of Africa are rich in proverbs. Despite the colossal ignorance (especially in the West) of Africa and Africans, the peoples of Africa continue to carry on their rich legacy of unsurpassed wit and wisdom which more than proves that African cultures, in their many articulations, have throughout history been dynamic, malleable, plastic. ( In fact, before there was even a Europe to speak of, African civilizations were thriving and quite old. See
for a very good time-line on this topic). The fact that so much has been stolen from Africa and her children and claimed by others as theirs to begin with is perhaps one of the saddest tragedies in the annals of human societies. Still, the light of truth and wisdom remains in the heart and soul of Africa’s children, and in that light, I present some wise sayings of Earth’s first humans:

Talking doesn’t fill the basket in the farm (Success requires planning and hard work.)
Don’t insult the crocodile until you cross the water. (Be careful about criticizing others.)
Only a knife knows what the inside of a coco-yam looks like. (Those who investigate and research something understand the subject.)

A big blanket encourages sleeping in the morning. (Luxury encourages Idleness. If you have worked hard and made wise choices, you will find contentment.)

A bird that is eating guinea-corn keeps quiet. (Someone going about his regular business will not create a disturbance. Dedicate yourself to a task.)

Rats don’t dance in the cat’s doorway. (Don’t invite trouble.)

A hippopotamus can be made invisible in dark water. (Ignorance can lead to potential danger. It is important to be informed and alert.)

If your house is burning, there is not time to go hunting. (Priorities are important in planning activities.)…

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