Top 25 stories of 2021-2022

 21st-century censorship - Columbia Journalism Review

Source: Project Censored

#1 Fossil Fuel Industry Subsidized at Rate of $11 Million per Minute

#2 Wage Theft: US Businesses Suffer Few Consequences for Stealing Millions from Workers Every Year

#3 EPA Withheld Reports on Dangerous Chemicals

#4 At Least 128 Members of Congress Invested in Fossil Fuel Industry

#5 Dark Money Interference in US Politics Undermines Democracy

#6 Corporate Consolidation Causing Record Inflation in Food Prices

#7 Concerns for Journalistic Independence as Gates Foundation Gives $319 Million to News Outlets

#8 CIA Discussed Plans to Kidnap or Kill Julian Assange

#9 New Laws Preventing Dark Money Disclosures Sweep the Nation

#10 Major Media Outlets Lobby Against Regulation of “Surveillance Advertising”

#11 Wealthy Nations Continue to Drive Climate Change with Devastating Impacts on Poorer Countries

#12 Facebook’s Blacklist of “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” Stifles Public Debate

#13 “Smart Ocean” Technology Endangers Whales and Intensifies Climate Change

#14 Repression of Palestinian Media

#15 EARN IT Act Threatens Online Freedom of Expression Under Guise of Policing Child Pornography

#16 Dark Money Fuels Transphobic Opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment and Equality Act

#17 Former Neo-Nazi Leader Now Holds DOJ Domestic Counterterrorism Position

#18 The Human Mind as “New Domain of War”: NATO Plans for Cognitive Warfare

#19 Poor Infrastructure, a Legacy of Discriminatory Redlining, Inhibits Rural Black Americans’ Internet Access

#20 States Hoard Federal Assistance Funding Amidst Record Poverty Levels

#21 School-Issued Technology Poses Surveillance Risks for Students

#22 US Transportation System “Fuels” Inequality

#23 Federal Safety Agency Underreports Deaths of Offshore Oil and Gas Workers

#24 Indigenous Communities Using Data Sovereignty to Address Food Insecurity

#25 Injustice for Incarcerated Women in Maryland after State Defunds Prerelease Facility

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