Racism as Zoological Witchcraft

 “Racism as Zoological Witchcraft: A Guide to Getting Out” Provides a New  Vision for Our Social Justice Movements – The Catalyst


Author and activist Aph Ko explains her novel and insightful ideas on race and animality to foster multidimensional liberation for all human races and animal species, based on her book Racism as Zoological Witchcraft: A Guide to Getting Out  

In this podcast “In Tune to Nature” , host Carrie Freeman asks Aph to explain concepts from the book, such as how racism is a form of “zoological witchcraft” where “white supremacy uses both minoritized bodies and animality to communicate and reinscribe a mythical fantasy of racial superiority”. She also explains the value of concurrently fighting racism and animal oppression (as a form of animal oppression) through an “afro-zoological resistance” or “multidimensional liberation” movement. Her advice is pertinent to anyone interested in racial justice, animal liberation, or vegan advocacy.

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