Path To Radicalization: A Mother Turns to Hate

Image result for white nationalists

Jacob Goodwin, a self-proclaimed white nationalist, was charged with injuring a black counterprotester in the wake of the August Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. As Goodwin awaits trial, his parents become increasingly more involved in Goodwin’s extremist group, following a gradual path to their own radicalization.

America is becoming more hateful & ignorant –it’s by design. Those in power play by an old but effective rule: divide & conquer. Racism & class conflicts reap rewards for the bankers, military, corporations, politicians & lobbyists. While the few amass fortunes from this demonic setup, the rest of us pretty much stay where we are fighting each other while these well-fed gangsters laugh all the way to the bank…..think about it & realize who your real enemies are.

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