Russiagate: The Lie Implodes


See how they play us, folks? It’s been happening for a while which partially explains why the U.S. is no longer considered a democracy  A deceived public is what’s to be expected in a dictatorship. George Orwell wrote all about it in his prophetic novel 1984, but today’s America is a more sophisticated version of that. We’re in a strange, unchartered space.

The fact that one of the dumbest Presidents ever calls the media “fake” does not take away from the fact that the American mainstream media is indeed fake, for the most part. He calls it “fake” not from a scholarly foundation, but from the widespread criticisms of his ability to lead a nation with any semblance of intelligence & sanity.

In the end, the same dark forces that concocted this Russiagate nonsense are now the same dark forces that will bring Trump & Co to their knees to do their bidding – business as usual. Trump is just a repulsive mask of that beastly reality (as Obama was the softer facade). If Trump ventures too far away from “script”, he will be forced to resign. Nothing will change until people realize that they have been punk’d all along by the mainstream media & the military-industrial complex that calls the tune, regardless of political affiliation….


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