Confronting Racism : The Fall of a College President

Univ. of Misouri president Tim Wolfe (resigned 11/9/15) meets with protesters

Field of Vision Documentary: Concerned Student 1950


A series of racist acts prompts three University of Missouri students to pick up cameras and take us inside Concerned Student 1950, the student movement whose peaceful protest brought down the college president. This is quite powerful. It reminded me of my own participation in student protests back in the 80s and sadly illustrated that though some things have changed, some things stubbornly persist. 

The war against oppression (in all its forms) is constant and it is to be expected that some battles will be lost,  but we must keep strong and move forward regardless. It is indeed quite encouraging to see so many young people with a strong sense of justice & spirited fortitude in these challenging times.

The struggle continues….



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