Donald Trump: A History of Violence

Is this presidential material? Should this petulant man-child have access to the nuclear codes and the full might of the US military? A reality-TV star with a string of failed businesses and a shitty lifestyle brand? He’d be a more fitting president of a frat house than The White House. Trump is not a stupid person. He is savvy enough to know exactly what the stupid and gullible want to hear and knows how to easily manipulate them. Trump inherited millions from his father. NEVER once in his life has Donald Trump known how it is to be an ordinary, working American — nor does he care to understand.

Even the inheritance that granted Donald Trump such a great advantage, was itself enabled and buffered by governmental aid and financing programs. Trump is not a self-made man, he’s just a professional con-man. A reality-TV star playing out his nasty infomercial for the American populace.

Fuck Trump.

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