Caribbean Feminist on Fire

M. Jacqui Alexander is Professor of Women’s Studies and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. She is a coeditor of Sing, Whisper, Shout, Pray! Feminist Visions for a Just World and Feminist Genealogies, Colonial Legacies, Democratic Futures. Her most recent book is Pedagogies of the Sacred: Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory and the Sacred . 

Prof. Alexander is a devotee of the ancient African (diasporic) spiritual systems of Orisha/Ifa, and a student of yoga and Vipassana meditation, having received sacred teachings in Nigeria, the Congo, India, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, and New York. Her work has centered on an expansive vision of social justice that is based in a commitment to freedom for all and to healing from the vestiges of imperialism, colonialism, and enslavement, particularly among populations dispossessed by the logics of capital and the pathologizing narratives of heterosexuality, gender, and nationalism.

Her presence & breadth of knowledge are formidable &  downright impressive. I became an instant admirer.


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