Jam of the Day: – “Tombouctou” by Inna Modja

During times of war , women and girls are very vulnerable .
They are easy targets in the North of Mali .

We want to be free . We want to be alive .

We want to be strong . We want to dream .
We want more .

Music gave me a voice . And I’m going to use it for My People .
The Night has fallen
Hunger is rising
Every single month of the year we are struggling
Everyday single day our People are being killed
The Endless War has just began
We won’t sit down and shut up
Let our country be conquered by intruders
They aim to conquer the North
They aim to conquer the South
They aim to conquer our souls

The Day is up
The sun is rising
They sweared they will never ever give us back Kidal
Our Country is broken
Hyenas have come into our homes and will have no Mercy on us
Our people are starting to rebel
We won’t unite with these intruders
They aim to break our Fathers
Force our mothers to surrender
They want to silence our voices

We will keep on fighting , The light is coming



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