The Genius of George Carlin

Quickly: Can anyone name one comedian today who can speak truth to power like George Carlin?

Actually I know of only a handful – Dick Gregory, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and the right-wing blow-hard, Dennis Miller. This type of rebellious comedy is rare. Carlin attacked all the cherished ideals most Americans harbor & highlighted America’s  ugly and sometimes hilarious truths. Arguably, Carlin was one of the finest social philosophers of our time. His stuff will never grow old…..My only issue with his critique of modern times is his belief that human -induced climate change cannot be proved. Although his perspective is interesting and is shared by many climate change deniers, it is short-sighted and scientifically baseless.

“I’ve given up on the whole human species. I think a big, good-sized comet is exactly what this species needs. You know, the poor dinosaurs were walking around eating leaves, and they were completely wiped out. Let the insects have a go. You know, I don’t think they’ll come up with sneakers with lights in them, or Dust Busters, or Salad Shooters, or snot candy”…..Classic!!



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