Stuck On Stupid

By the late 60s the music charts were filled with songs featuring social and political content. During the Vietnam War, hundreds of anti-war songs were released and more than 70 made it to the Billboard charts, with 14 occupying a spot in the top 10. Artists expressed compassion and empathy towards the plight of others, and they were propelled to the top by an equally empathetic audience. Then… 

 Listening to the radio in these times is a constant WTF is this?! Where did the originality go? I’m kinda tired of the self-referential, over-hyped, hyper-sexualized & grossly materialistic music that is polluting our airwaves. There is so much that is wrong in our world yet our most popular musicians choose to say nothing of substance unlike the musicians of generations past. Shit like “Sexy & I know It” is as deep as it will go as long as big media corporations control what is released and promoted….& as long as some of our artists stay stuck on stupid.

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