Blissful Ignorance

You know that the GOP is clutching straws when all they can do is hurl invectives, half-truths, innuendos, exaggerations & downright lies. Not that the Democrats know any better, but compared to the Republicans, they are like toddlers on a basketball court facing the Miami Heat. The level of manipulation & the scandalous amount of money being poured into keeping people divided & ignorant defies credulity. US politics has always been tainted & it is even more so since the Citizens United case. There is no way democracy in its truest sense can survive in this climate.  But it is the GOP puppets who have me riled up at this moment with their dangerous & diversionary rhetoric. The latest comes from Ohio Governor John Kasich who commented on African Americans and business ownership at an event yesterday. He stated that African Americans need to be convinced that they can “come off the streets” and become small business owners. If you find yourself shaking your head in agreement, then consider yourself ignorant & in need of a foot in that a**. Of course, this type of slop will appeal to the uncritical & uninformed which make up a good chunk of the GOP base & will excite them (as intended) to vote for their man, Mitt (which spills over to contested House & Senate seats as well). But let me offer a correction here as I cannot let this one slide: From 2002 to 2007, the number of black-owned businesses increased by 60.5 percent to 1.9 million, more than triple the national rate of 18.0 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners. Over the same period, receipts generated by black-owned businesses increased 55.1 percent to $137.5 billion. I think African Americans have been “off the streets” & owning businesses for quite some time now, Governor. Do your f***ing homework!

Alas, facts don’t get votes in these dark times.

Stay alert



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