Poet’s Nook: "Break The Frame" by Emilia Barrosse

Imagine something you love;
Something you’ve always dreamed of;
Something you’re too intimidated to speak of;
Something you own that you’ll always be proud of.

Do you have the picture saved?
Have you chosen the moment?
Did you give it a name?
Did you pluck it out of space and put it in a glass case?
Did you hold it and enclose it and put it in a frame?
Did you hang it on your wall so you can check it on your way
through your daily routine that’s doomed to stay the same?

Did you keep it locked up so long it’s in ashes instead of flames?

You pictured the moment. You imagined. You dreamed.
And that’s great. Congrats. You’ve got a picture, and that’s it.

That picture’s all you’ve got.
You’ve tied up opportunity with the perfect knot.

You put perfection in a picture and froze it in time;
You harnessed a single moment and stopped it on a dime,
And as you grow old,
The picture gathers dust and grows mold.
Your life is bought and sold
And your heated moment grows cold.

‘Cause when you picture your life or you imagine your life
Or you talk or wish or think, complain or bitch about life
That’s just a waste of your life, you’ll never taste your life
‘Cause the picture that you’ve taken is just a glimpse of your life.

What happens next?
Who knows! You gotta step out of frame!
You gotta get up off the bench and get your ass the game!
What would happen if you stripped your clothes and stood in the rain?
Would you be drenched in shame?
Would someone remember your name?

The answers to these questions are only found one way:
You gotta stare into the changing face of life every day.
You can’t just catch a glimpse and blink and think that everything’ll stay!
You need turn around and face the noise and move and dance and sway!
When life gives you direction you have one choice: you obey!
Otherwise you’ll write your life’s story and have nothing to say!
People won’t remember you when you’re dead in decay.
They might think, ‘I don’t remember her much, but, ehh, she might have been okay…’

‘Cause when you picture your life, don’t suffocate it in a frame!
When you seize the moment – don’t lock it up like a slave!

When you seize the moment, you can’t tell it to behave!
You need to climb its wild back and ride it like a tidal wave!

Once you’ve seized a moment, you’re only halfway there –
Once you’ve seized it, then release it and then solemnly swear
To chase that dream, idea or opportunity anywhere
So that when you catch it again, you can throw your fist in the air,

And break that picture frame. Let the glass lie on the floor.
You let the moment out and now it means so much more!
It meant way too much to be confined by those four
thick pieces of wood, and locked up behind your front door

So do yourself a favor and throw your pictures out.
Live the moments in the pictures that the frames leave out.
Catch your moments in your mind and set ’em free and have no doubt
that steppin’ out of bounds is what our lives should be about. 


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