MME’s Jam Of The Day

Joss Stone has been baptized by the deep soul experience of  real folk! She reminds me of the late-great Janis Joplin with her emotive, husky, rich timbre that pulls you into her world. You will probably not hear much of Joss Stone this side of the Atlantic, but in continental Europe & Africa, she is huge. Quite a shame that here in the US we have to endure the “talents’ of a Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, when there is so much quality music around. Anyway, this cut, “Drive All Night” (which she produced) was taken from her latest CD, “LP1″. Of all the songs on this CD, this was my favorite one..Incredible blues/rock/soul fusion here, & the lyrics on this track carry a depth of maturity that allow the listener to feel her scars & the love that heals……

You saved me
Saved me from hate
It’s so close to love
And no one’s ever done anything like this for me before, no
No one’s ever drove for miles to make me smile before…




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