The Stain Remains

(Yep–The same o’ same o’….)

Now that President Obama has released his birth certificate for all the no-nothing birthers to see, one would think that it’s a wrap. Oh no, rational observers! As the President wisely noted, there is a segment of the US population that will not listen to reason & accept facts, so it’s best to just leave them wallowing in their psychopathic unreality as the world moves on.

Now I hear Mr Comb-Over (Donald Trump) wants evidence of the President’s academic achievements in yet another fruitless quest to dishonor & ridicule him. We all know what’s going on here. Is it not way past time for this country to wake the f*** up & become the ‘civilization’ it has long claimed to be?

Goldie Taylor was especially spot-on with regards to this issue. Check out her brilliant piece of truth-telling here.



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