Requiem for a Species

Just as millions were led astray by the housing fraud–millions now in foreclosure or living in heavily devalued homes–here we are again being led astray by climate change deniers/skeptics who claim that we are not in dire straits environmentally and can continue to live our lives just the way we always have. I am no scientist and don’t pretend to keep up with all of the details of climate science, but the following reports are quite disturbing to me & do point to the possibility that this won’t end well:

  • Australia experienced record floods on Biblical levels
  • Brazil  experienced its worst natural disaster in its history
  • Sri Lanka’s experienced floods that displaced over 1 million 
  • South Africa’s recent floods have rendered 9 provinces as disaster zones
  • Pakistan experienced its worst floods in decades affecting over 14 million people
  • St Lucia experienced its worst natural disaster ever in one of the most active hurricane seasons to date
  • 2010 went down as the wettest and hottest on record

At the risk of sounding fatalistic,  we have no choice but to accept the reality for what it is: the situation is  fucked up. What should be done is not being done as the failure of the Copenahagen climate summit signifies. Industrialized countries have absolutely no concrete offers of hope to developing countries (did you really expect that?). Newly industrializing countries like India and China, continue to grow their economies without any checks and balances for the climate. Business as usual. How many more tragic news stories will it take for industrial societies to change course? ‘Til New York is submerged?

A MUST-READ book that tells it like it is with regards to climate change is Clive Hamilton’s ‘Requiem for a Species’

Ominous stuff but the choice is ours to at least prevent some of the worst impacts. We can’t change the cold, hard facts – but we can change the politics.


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