The New Conquistadores

 Among the destroyers there was no respect for anything we could say. They had come determined to see nothing, to listen to no one, bent solely on the satisfaction of their greed, of which we had ample news. But the king was infatuated with the  destroyers and would not heed the people’s will…..
Ayi Kwei Armah from Two Thousand Seasons

After reading an article in the New York Times yesterday, I was reminded of Alex Jones’ comments on the ruling banking elite and their shady dealings.The facts are all around–it’s just a matter of disallowing ourselves to become so distracted by the many irrelevancies & being about the business of uncovering the untruths and misdeeds of the Ivy League bullshitters.Check out Alex Jones commentary on the still unraveling financial crisis…..

A couple of footnotes to Alex Jones’ comments:

The Secretive Banking Elites

Are we going to just sit around, watch our soaps or ESPN sports programs & just act like we’re not getting screwed every which way? And even if some of us are making a decent & comfortable living, is this an excuse for being disinterested? Ignore reality at your own peril……



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