An Easy Seduction: Digital Narcissism

 A lot of us hesitated to get on board the Facebook Express for a variety of valid reasons, chief among them, the inherent vanity of the platform itself. Some of us have succumbed to the need to simply communicate with friends & family with no additional frills like explaining what we’re doing every minute or where we’re going to dinner tonight. Sure enough, many people have been compromised by their words, images & whereabouts on Facebook, foolishly ignoring its various privacy settings. We have all read the stories of fired or prospective employees, husbands, wives, lovers, friends & foes who have all been scorched by what they chose to share with the world. Let’s not even mention our children & their quickly-vanishing innocence through this vortex of vacuity. 

Unsurprisingly, the tentacles of the National Security State are wrapped tightly around Facebook and other social networks mining our personal lives for evidence of malfeasance of various sorts. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Department of Homeland Security operates its “Social Networking Monitoring Center” to keep tabs on what we’re saying/doin. Indeed, George Orwell’s Big Brother nightmare now has a more interesting twist: our narcissistic complicity. (Read the details of EFF’s lawsuit here.)

Stay conscious.



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