..the mystery of ourselves..

~Nasa scientists have just discovered what they believe is fresh evidence of life on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s seven moons~

We all wonder about life & its origins whenever we gaze upon a cloudless, starlit sky. Theories abound from Charles Darwin’s “Origins” to Chandra Wickramasinghe of Cardiff University whose new research “overwhelmingly” supports the view that human life started from outside our Earth (he claimed microbes from outer space arrived on Earth from comets, which then “multiplied and seeded” to form human life). It’s mind-boggling to ponder the possibilities, no matter how wayward they may appear. We (humans) are indeed mysteries to ourselves in many respects. This reminded of a strange song Stevie Wonder made entitled “Saturn” from his classic, “Songs in the Key of Life” where he uses the planet as a metaphor or trope for humanity’s proclivity towards war and division. How strangely ironic Stevie’s symbolism now appears in light of NASA’s latest discovery…….



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